How come a foolish administrator can block you from wikipedia?

Answer 1. How can you block his access either?I don’t think you can2. How can you unblock yourself?You can appeal your block see:…3. How do you become an admini... Read More »

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How come that a foolish administrator can simply block you from wikipedia?

No idea what "administrator" you're talking about or what the use scenario is. If you'd like a useful answer you'll have to give us more information in your question.

How to Become a Wikipedia Administrator?

The standards for becoming a Wikipedia administrator are getting increasingly tough as Wikipedia becomes more developed. Here are the steps and expectations on how to become an administrator.

Q .How can I Become administrator in to Start my rural language ?…

Would an administrator please report this wikipedia article change someone made?

The page looks ok now. next time, please report Wikipedia issues on Wikipedia itself ;) Thanks!