How come I look cake faced easily?

Answer you could try bb cream that is just new out. that is like a cream but has foundation in it. which might be easy for you where you still get a light coverage overall. i would go for a good brand mas... Read More »

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How come boys say they prefer girls with the natural look, but the girls who cake it on get all the attention?

Keep in mind this is simply an opinion, and it is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. You asked!Because the girls who cake it on are more likely to date scumbags.The scumbags know this.The girls w... Read More »

How do I get that celebrity fresh-faced look?

Believe it or not, drink more water!I have breakouts alot and pimples pop out everywhere and I used to get red spots alot and it frustrates me! and my bro had baaaadd acne too, but didnt want to pa... Read More »

Which side of the basement ceiling insulation goes up--faced or non-faced?

Faced insulation should be placed with the facing toward the heated part of the home. Exposed (unfaced) insulation should be covered with an interior panel or finish if the area is going to be occu... Read More »

How Can I Most Easily Shave a Chocolate Bar to Put on a Cake?

Chocolate shavings add an elegant, decadent touch to cakes and pies. The thin ribbons of chocolate give gourmet flair to store-bought pastries, a clever trick for non-bakers. Chocolate shavings can... Read More »