Why do my pasta hurt when l drink water,warm coffee every time l eat something of drink they hurt?

Answer call the dentist.

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What can I do to stop getting sick all the time when I drink?

Have a good meal like pizza or pasta. Something that will fill you. I found that doing that and then as soon as I get home drinking a lot of water helps. I can't handle much alchohol, so before I... Read More »

Every time I poop?

Its because of the food you eat. Dont worry to much. It happens to me a lot of times. Try to search for the food which include green food coloring and stop eating it if you dont want this to happen... Read More »

Why do i puke every time i drink a gallon of soap?

Umm probably because its soap??!!! did you ever think that soap is made for your hands and skin and not to eat? im pretty sure it says do not comsume on the bottle!! Umm yes please stop drinking so... Read More »

What causes nausea every time you drink coffee?

1. Coffee is a drug. The nausea you are feeling is caused by the effects coffee has on your digestive system. It is preventing the inhibition of some enzymes and increasing things such as heart rat... Read More »