How come I can't see my reflection in mirrors I see on TV?

Answer No, Your obviously a vampire DUH!!

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Reflection Activities With Mirrors?

Mirrors can be fascinating to children. They're fun for making faces in, and kids will use them to see around corners. The physical properties of mirrors, how they bounce and reflect images, make f... Read More »

What kind of mirrors are security mirrors made with?

Security mirrors, sometimes referred to as safety mirrors, are created using convex or domed shaped mirrors. The convex shape provides a 160-degree wide viewing angle while the domed mirror can pro... Read More »

How come i cant find the light switch?

it was only for earth day. youtube does this every year but only on earth day.

Why cant chocolate milk come from a brown cow?

Why do people have to ask such stupid questions? This is a completely silly question and a total waste of time. Are you like six years old or something? If so, then your parents need to control you... Read More »