How come I can't access this site?

Answer There might be a server issue. Kindly check your control panel and contact your Hosting provider.

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Why cant I get the web site… to come up I need to find it?

I had the same problem so what I did was just put in hrblock card and search and it took me right to the sight, where all my information was. Hope this helps..

Is it just my computer that can't access this site?

Try to refresh the page a couple of times.^_^If it doesn't wrk, maybe it's blocked from ur computer.^_^I went there & it wrked though.^_^

Does Sophie's Mum still come on this site She was pregnant again and had a placenta abruption?

As i said before we are not that dumb.Go find that mirror now....And stop asking questions about urself..

I won a free laptop and cant get any details on the shipping details and i cant get into the site that has off?

me too..we mugs must wise up..i aint a hope in hell of seeing it..