Why does some teas come in a circular bag, while others come in a square or pyramid shape?

Answer sure, there are reasons....back in the 60's and 70's , Lipton came out with the flow thru teabag, which supposedly made steeping your tea more complete,...that pyramid bag you speak allow... Read More »

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How come some people die when they cut there wrist and some don't?

Some people try to cut themselves for suicide, but others cut themselves for all depends on how deep you cut. there is a major artery in the wrist that can bleed out very quickly and ca... Read More »

How come some lcd screens have a kind of gloss finish to them, and some dont?

Until maybe 10 years ago all LCD screens had a non-glossy matte finish. But then they started offering some with a glossy finish, especially on laptops that were intended to show lots of movies (be... Read More »

Why are some cherry peppers hot and some are not even though they come off the same plant?

ANSWER: Its because they were pollinated by a hot pepper. I have had sweet banana peppers cross pollinated by either a cayanne or a jalipeno and it was so hot, it would make your underwear burst in... Read More »

How come some kids get straight A’s and some don’t Does it have more to do with parenting?

I believe it's a combination of nature and nurture. More often that not, as a teacher, I notice that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Even if things tend to come easily to a child, if th... Read More »