How come Americans make better Mexican food than true Mexicans do?

Answer LMAO...I am going to assume you were joking.You were, right???People get upset too easily.......oh and lump entire societies together based on one person's comments. That seems more ignorant than ... Read More »

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NASA provides its astronauts in space with Mexican tortillas because it is their favorite food true or false?

How many Mexicans died in the Mexican-American War?

Roughly 6,000 Mexicans died in the Mexican-American War, compared with 11,000 American casualties. The two-year war lasted from 1846 to 1848, officially ending with the signing of the Treaty of Gua... Read More »

Why to the Mexicans need people to join the Mexican army?

Is it true that leaving canned food in the heat for a while will make the food inside spoil?

Tuna is actually canned and then cooked while it is in the can (saw it in food network). I wouldn't worry about sardines getting spoiled in a can. Most caned goods are good to extreme temperatures,... Read More »