How cold should by refrigerator freezer be?

Answer A refrigerator should be set at 36 to 40 degrees F and the freezer at 0 to 8 degrees F. Use an appliance thermometer inside the units to monitor the temperature.Source:Refrigerator -- Answers to Co... Read More »

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Why is your home refrigerator not cold but the freezer section is extremely cold?

AnswerPossible causes:vents between fridge and freezer sections are clogged with ice. Warranty guy told me to unplug 24 hours, replug and everything should work out.Fautly thermostatClogged/dirty e... Read More »

Refrigerator and freezer will not get cold anymore.?

If turning it up again then she will need a service person.

My refrigerator is not getting cold, but my freezer works fine, what can I do to fix it?

Check the back wall or floor of the freezer section for frost. Check the freezer( evaporator) fan to see if it is running. Check the condenser coils( under the unit ) for blockage from dust. Check ... Read More »

My refrigerator is not cold but the freezer works fine?

All of the cooling in refrigerators is normally done in the freezer compartment. A fan circulates cold air from the freezer into the refrigerator compartment to cool it. Most likely this fan has qu... Read More »