How cold should an air conditioner keep a house?

Answer On One Hand: Size of Cooling AreaAn air conditioner (AC) working correctly should be able to cool approximately 550 square feet per ton of the AC unit. According to the Salt River Project, a utilit... Read More »

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How cold will an air conditioner cool a house?

The largest drop in temperature that a portable air conditioner can achieve is 28.5 degrees, according to Therefore it depends on the temperature of the house before th... Read More »

Your air conditioner isn't blowing cold airI took it apart and cleaned it and it still wont get cold What do you do?

Answer In AC terms there is what is called TD (temperature differential). It is usually accepted that target TD is 20 deg F or if the air going into the unit is 75 deg f then it should exit at 55... Read More »

What Makes an Air Conditioner Cold?

Air conditioners use chemicals, called refrigerants, to turn a room that feels hot into one that's cool and comfortable. If there was a recipe for air conditioning, you could consider the refrigera... Read More »

How cold should an auto air conditioner be?

On One Hand: Vent Temperature ReadingsVent temperature readings will vary with the outside temperature. When the car is idling, the vent temperature should read between 42 and 55 degrees Fahrenhei... Read More »