How cold is the south pole?

Answer The coldest that the South Pole has ever gotten has been -129 degrees Fahrenheit, which occurred on July 21, 1983, according to the Antarctic Connection. On average, the coldest that the South Pole... Read More »

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Is the South Pole warm or cold?

The average temperature at the South Pole runs between -115 and 6 degrees Fahrenheit, or -82 and -14 degrees Celsius. In the winter the wind chill, which is the temperature it feels like outside du... Read More »

How are the south pole&the south magnetic pole different?

Compasses have long aided mariners, aviators and hikers in their navigation efforts. These devices do not point toward the true poles, however. Instead, they indicate the existence of Earth's magne... Read More »

Does the North Pole or the South Pole have no land under it?

The North Pole has no land under it, just the Arctic Ocean, while the South Pole sits on the continent of Antarctica. The thickness of ice at the North Pole depends on the season and weather condit... Read More »

Does a compass point to the North Pole or the South Pole?

The needle in a traditional compass points to the earth's magnetic North Pole. There is also a geographic North Pole that is in a slightly different location. There are some GPS compasses that poin... Read More »