How cold hardy are Roman Chamomile plants?

Answer If you are talking about the bracket that mounts the dishwasher to the underside of the counter top to prevent it from "walking out", I have found that the EZ Bracket is the best answer. It is avai... Read More »

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What is the difference between Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile?

Roman and German chamomile are two different but closely related species. German chamomile, Matricaria recutita, is the kind normally used in herbal tea. Roman chamomile, Anthemis nobilis, can be u... Read More »

Are Knock-Out Roses Cold Hardy?

On One Hand: What the Breeder SaysAccording to the Conard-Pyle Company, breeders of the Knock-Out roses, the roses are cold-hardy to USDA Zone 5 and heat-hardy throughout the United States. They re... Read More »

Are there any cold-hardy orange trees?

Yes, there are cold-hardy orange trees. The scientific name for the hardy orange tree is Poncirus trifoliata. The trees can tolerate cold temperatures from USDA zone 6A (minus 10 degrees F) to zone... Read More »

Hardy Rosemary Plants?

Rosemary is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. Most rosemary varieties are bushy plants that can grow as high as 6 feet, with small, needle-like evergreen leaves, similar in shape ... Read More »