How close have you come to death?

Answer i was born a month early spent 3 weeks ina incubator. I had spinal mengitice when i was a few months i was hit by a car and flew 25 feet at the age of 9, at the age of 20 i was almost chopped up ... Read More »

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Sorry if this is painful but death of someone close..?

A very helpful website is this: griefshare.orgHope this helps.

How do you cope with the death of a close person?

There are on simple or magic answers. What you are actually talking about is coping with grief. It is important to realize that acknowledging the grief promotes the healing process. Time and supp... Read More »

Michael Jackson's death worst celebrity death since John Lennon?

yes because the world loved them both RIP

Ignorantly, US Pres. Barack Obama has referred to Auschwitz as a "Polish death camp" instead of a"German death?

Whether you describe it by who operated it or by where it was, people know what he's talking about. And technically, "Polish Death Camp" is probably the most accurate descriptive term for Auschwit... Read More »