How close does another plum tree need to be to pollinate?

Answer A maximum distance would be 50 feet. However, as close as possible is much better as fruit set drops off with increasing distance. Studies have shown that even when two plums are planted next to ea... Read More »

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How do I artificially pollinate a plum tree?

Purchase commercial plum pollen and a No. 4 art brush. Tie the bristles of the brush with string. Cut off the last quarter inch of the bristles with sharp scissors. Dip the brush into the bottle of... Read More »

How do i pollinate a lime tree?

Single TreeDust the inside of the lime blossom with a cotton swab. Move to another flower on the same tree and dust the inside of that flower. Repeat the process until you have dusted every blossom... Read More »

How do I pollinate a peony tree?

MaterialsPurchase or locate a paint brush, a few small plastic bags and a roll of thin garden tape. The paint brush should be a small arts-and-crafts brush, not a large brush you would paint a hous... Read More »

How to Hand Pollinate a Lime Tree?

Lime fruit is second only to lemon in flavorings for candy, pie fillings and other foods, according to Texas A&M University. Yet this fruit tree is among the least cold hardy of all citrus fruits. ... Read More »