How far from a fire hydrant can you park in Pennsylvania?

Answer in New york its 15 feet...Im pretty sure its the same in Penn. I have an uncle who live there for many years and he says its the same.after parking ur car if ur not sure of the distance just walk f... Read More »

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Can you refill a pool using water from a fire hydrant?

Answer Josh, I asked my neighbor the same question about filling our pool. He is on the fire dept. He said that they no longer do that. He said they used to use a line jumper, but that all now is i... Read More »

I have a fire hydrant in my front yard and no drive way what should i do can i have it moved>?

You dont want it removed just park somewhere else. The fire hydrant helps with your insurance premiums. Find out how far away you have to be and go from there

How far can you park from a fire station?

It is important to check with your individual state for fire station parking distance rules because they may vary. For example, when parking on the same side of the street as the fire station ent... Read More »

Atlanta Hotels Close to Chastain Park?

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra promotes Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta. Chastain Park originally opened in 1933, and today features several live concert events. The park is in the Buckhead r... Read More »