How close can an LED bulb be to a paper shade?

Answer Lamps USA recommends a distance of at least 1 to 2 b inches between an LED light bulb and the paper shade. A distance of 3 to 4 inches is even better, to be safe.Source:Lamps USA: Shade buying tips

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How can a paper window shade be used on an arched window?

Answer You can go to window shade companies and they have all sort of styles and shapes or have a blind pro come in to measure it up and have it custom made.

How to Shade on a Graphing Calculator Using the Shade Command?

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Where can i find my replacement bulb for my projector fujix p701 bulb p/n is L130WU?

Home depot, or lowes probably has one, but if not, check online.

Where can you find a dlp bulb for a 61 inch RCA Scenium model HD61THW263-- bulb 265109?

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