How children can be kept away from junk food?

Answer Don't give them junk food. They're children for gods sake. How else are they going to get it?

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How can i stay away from junk food?

Set a goal to only eat fruit and vegetables. Every time you don't stay on track for you goal set a punishment such as jogging or doing some sort of activity you hate doing. This way you'll eventual... Read More »

How do people manage to keep themselves away from junk food?

its just a hard commitment to themselves when people say that they want no more junk food in their systems i finally lost my interest in junk food now and i feel great that im not eating such non-n... Read More »

If California children are being kept from a parent by a relative who has applied for guardianship but has not yet gone to court are the children considered kidnapped or what?

Answer custody of kidsyes its kidnapping because regardless of the situation the parent/s hold full responsibility for the children until a judge rules for guardianship of the child in favour of so... Read More »

Should parents who feed their children junk food be charged with child abuse?

Well, it's a interesting idea but not very realistic. You would have too many children in foster care. America is King when it comes to Fast Food. You would see them all go out of business and we w... Read More »