How to Deal With Your First Week of College?

Answer Starting college can be an incredibly daunting experience, but it doesn't have to be.

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How can I break a bone quickly so I can stay home with my mom instead of going to Alaska 4 the week?

It has to be a fast and jolty action for a breakage. Even a dislocation in the knee or something would do the trick, would be easier too. You could place your knee up high on a bar or top of a couc... Read More »

I am going to a BBQ this week and not sure what to take with me, do i bring drinks I'm not much of a cook?

Get a bottle of pimms and a bottle of lemonade. Fill a jug with ice, 1/4 pimms + 3/4 lemonade. Add mint, slices of apple, cucumber, orange and lemon, even strawberries. Perfect bbq drink.....

Did you see this homeless girl who graduated with a 5.5 and is going to college on a scholarship?

Why is college so expensive to begin with, I mean where is all that money going to?

Wow, that was almost a dissertation on the issues regarding America's education system! I agree with you to a point, and that is that education is too expensive, but I understand that it has to co... Read More »