How can your virginity be broken?

Answer Virginity can be broken when a person has sexual intercourse for the first time. A virgin can be defined as a person who has never had sex.VirginityHaving sexual intercourse will cause a virginity ... Read More »

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Teens: Do you think you will wait til your married til you lose your virginity?

Yes, I hope I have the strength to maintain that moral.I certainly know the strength of temptation, and I want to get married later in life (Somewhere around 25, after I've finished my first year o... Read More »

Is your period supposed to be late after you lose your virginity?

No, it's not something that is supposed to happen, but it can and does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.

How do you tell your mom you've lost your virginity at the age of twelve?

A good way to approach your mother is to get her alone. Tell her that you have something important and difficult to tell her and that you want her to know because you need help with it. Then, tell ... Read More »

Can losing your virginity and starting to have sex regularly cause hormonal changes that affect your periods?

Answer Yes, it can affect your periods, when your hormonal level rises it can cause your periods to change in days, or in weeks.