How can your aunt obtain custody of you without your mother preventing it?

Answer Answer She would need to file a petition in court to become the minor's legal guardian.The biological parent(s) would have the right to contest the action. Both sides would be heard and a judge wou... Read More »

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If a mother has legal and physical custody of a child and if she dies and leaves her child to her mother in her will can the child's father obtain custody of the baby or will her mother?

United States State laws vary widely in the United States but in almost every state the biological parent has sole rights to custody of the child. If a custodial parent dies the surviving natural p... Read More »

If an aunt has court custody for a child for 6 years can the birth mother get her back?

It depends on the reason for the removal from the mother's custody and whether the situation has been resolved. The court will always consider the best interest of the child as its primary concern.

How can an aunt obtain custody of a niece who she has been taking care of for 3 weeks and has had no contact with the child's parents who are drug abusers?

Answer The best method would be to contact the state's division of child protective services for assistance.They will begin an investigation and their findings will determine what action (if any) ... Read More »

How can a US citizen father obtain custody of his child whose mother is an illegal immigrant?

Answer File for custodial rights in the appropriate state court in the city or county of residence.Be advised that the mother's illegal status is irrelevant in custodial proceedings as US law pres... Read More »