How can you word 'love my brothers very much' differently?

Answer I have much love for my brother

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Why do most brothers love their brothers more than their sisters - FYI not my situation but happens with most siblings?

really most brothers love both the same but it might seem like they love there brothers more because they hang out with them more .they only hang out with each other more because they both like the... Read More »

Why generally brothers are usually least concerned with sisters while sisters always show love and care towards brothers and expect same from him but mostly end up getting hurt?

Girls usually are more keen to show their emotions and to show their love and care for a sibling, a friend, a family member et cetera et cetera. Boys are not that way. They usually keep their feeli... Read More »

Manual line breaks in Word... How do I format the first and second line differently?

You can not do it the way you tried.Shift-Enter gives you a manual line break. This gives you a new line but not a new paragraph. Centering is a paragraph format. You can not apply a paragraph form... Read More »

Reasons why you love the Jonas brothers!!?

First of all, they're AMAZINGLY talented! They sing like angels and play a billion instruments! The lyrics they write are genuine and they do all kinds of songs. They have songs you can rock out to... Read More »