How can you treat a high metabolism?

Answer The first thing to do would be to get your thyroid level checked. Increased metabolism can be a sign of a dangerous thyroid condition, that, if not treated can lead to serious illness.

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How to Lower High Metabolism?

Having a fast metabolism may sound like a dream come true to some, but to people who are underweight, it can be problematic. Your metabolism is responsible for converting the foods you eat into ene... Read More »

How to get a high metabolism rate?

You CAN eat anything you want....just not a bunch of it. When supermodels and other people say they can eat whatever, there's more to the picture than what you see. It's all about calories. A super... Read More »

How to gain weight-high metabolism?

I know just what you mean by that having been like that throughout my entire time until I decided to change it in the middle of my puberty phrase. The key is to eat a high carbohydrate many times a... Read More »

How can i build muscle with a high metabolism ?

Gaining weight is a two step process. I'm assuming that you want to gain the good kind of weight - muscle, not fat in which case you have to eat more and lift weights or engage in some sort of stre... Read More »