How can you tone up your leg muscles realy fast?

Answer You can do a variety of exercises - such as:- seated leg extensions (for your quads)- leg lifts (for your calves)- hamstring curls- squats (I find these to be the most effective)- leg presses (kind... Read More »

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How to Tone Your Face Muscles?

Signs of aging, especially on your face, are inevitable. Even if you have worn sunscreen since the day you were born and washed you face every single night before bed, you will still eventually hav... Read More »

What's the best way to tone your stomach muscles?

Air bike, Alternate Heel Touchers, Butt-Ups, Cable Crunches, and sit-ups. I do them 4 times per week. With different sets and repetitions.

How to Tone Your Butt Fast?

Want great glutes? Follow these instructions to get buns of steel. Finally have a good looking butt!

Whats the best way to help tone up tummy muscles to get a firmer tum?

Plenty of sit ups, and reduce the amount of chocolate you eat!