How can you tell your parents that your girlfriend is pregnant?

Answer Just come out and tell them. The sooner they know the better. They might be cross, but you're their son and I doubt they'll stay cross forever. Telling them is the best, most mature and adult thing... Read More »

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If you are 14 and your 13-year-old girlfriend is pregnant should you tell your parents?

I think you and your girlfriend should sit down a forst of all discuss what you want to do keep the baby have an abortion or put the baby up for adoption then when you have made a decision your are... Read More »

If you are 16 and your girlfriend is 15 and she is pregnant do you have the right to keep the baby even if it is against your parents' wishes?

Answer Yes, an unmarried pregnant minor has all the legal rights to their child as does an adult. No one including parent(s) can force her to place the child for adoption, have an abortion or relin... Read More »

If you're 17 and your girlfriend is 16 and pregnant and her parents are trying to move is there any way to prevent her from going with them if she doesn't want to go?

Answer I say you need to step up and be a man and tell them that you both are ready for the responsibility. If you are one of those decent guys out there you both need to talk with her parents to ... Read More »

What if your girlfriend is pregnant and will be 17 when she gives birth and you will be 19 and her parents are OK with it and not mad. should you still be worried about statutory rape charges?

Depends on what the law in your state say. They don't care about when she gives birth, they care about when you had sex since that is the crime. The parents might be OK with it but if it is statuto... Read More »