How can you tell your mom you don't want an abortion?

Answer Answer Just sit down with her and tell her how you feel. It is your baby and your life. I think not having an abortion is a great idea. Babies should not suffer bacause of something we did. RIGHT??... Read More »

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What do you do if you are 16 and pregnant but you dont want the baby and you dont want your parents to find out?

Answer So you want the baby and don't want your parents to find out? It may be better to tell them, especially since you're under 18. They should know that their daughter is pregnant. Calmly tell t... Read More »

Im 19 and I have a 9 months baby and now pregnant. The father doesnt want me to keep it. But I dont believe in abortion. What should I do?

Answer Do not. I really mean it do not abort your baby. It is just killing another life. Its a piece of you. If its your first baby and you're going to abort it chances are you might not be able to... Read More »

Im 16 and ive been sexually abused you dont talk to your mom but you dont want to let them go?

I been there first things first is you need to tell if not your mom then a teacher it will be hard but in the end you will be better and get the help you need I know you think the whole school and ... Read More »

What should you do if you're 15 and pregnant and your boyfriend is staying by your side and you don't want an abortion but you don't know if you want the baby either because adoption is so cruel?

Answer I got pregnant early too, abortion should never be an option. Let's leave death in the hands of God. My boyfriend stayed by my side when I got pregnant and 6 years later, we're married and... Read More »