How can you tell when a cantaloupe is ripe?

Answer Answer stem drys up, good color, has a ripe smell, sounds kinda hollow when thumped,

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How do i know when my cantaloupe is ripe?

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How to Tell When Fruit Is Ripe?

Fruit tastes best when it's ripe, when the natural sugars are at their peak and before they have started to ferment, but you can't usually taste test a fruit for ripeness before you buy it. You can... Read More »

How do you tell when a rockmelon is ripe?

Rockmelons are ripe when the stem they are attached by shrivels up. Also, they turn slightly yellow underneath. They develop a characteristic fruity odor.

How can you tell when damsons are ripe?

Look for the following signs: * come readily away from the tree when gently pulled. * purple skin * fall from the tree if it is gently shaken - careful, as they bruise easily. * insides yellow ... Read More »