How can you tell the age of a jade plant?

Answer The rate of growth probably depends on the kind of environment it was in. Plants in ideal growing conditions will be a lot larger and fuller than less fortunate plants. The size of the trunk should... Read More »

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How do I flower a jade plant?

Position in a Sunny SpotPlace the jade plant outdoors on a patio in summer and inside in winter. Position it on a sunny windowsill.Planting and WateringPlant in a pot whose diameter is at least 4 i... Read More »

Is the Jade ivy plant poisonious?

The Jade ivy plant (Euonymus fortunei, also known as Ivory-Jade Wintercreeper Euonymus) is a low-growing shrub with green and ivory leaves tinged with pink. Jade ivy is a nontoxic plant, according ... Read More »

How do i bind a jade plant?

SuppliesPurchase bonsai training wire of various gauges online or from a local supply house or nursery. Bonsai wire is typically made of aluminum or copper and is extremely flexible.WrappingWrap 1-... Read More »

Jade Plant Types?

The jade plant is a succulent native to the arid desserts of South Africa. In the United States, jade is a common houseplant; however, in warmer regions of the country, such as the Southwest and So... Read More »