How can you tell if your water has broken you are just leaking?

Answer When your water broke it will feel like you peed on your self and if it is leaking you should go to the hospital because you are going to have your baby in a couple of hours.

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Gas Water heater is leaking water on the bottom! Carbon monoxide!!?

A leak shouldn't cause a CO problem, CO is an incomplete combustion issue, but just because a leak doesn't cause CO doesn't mean you don't have a combustion issue. Shut it off and ventilate the hou... Read More »

How to Fix a Leaking Hot Water Valve?

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Hot Water Tank is Leaking?

It could be just the drain valve, newer makers are now putting in plastic drain valves. I would try replacing the valve first since it is alot cheaper than a new water heater. It threads into the ... Read More »

DIY: Leaking Water Pipes?

Water pipes fail, often unexpectedly, in nearly everyone's life. Fixing these leaking pipes may require the services of a certified plumber--but not always. Minor leaks can sometimes be repaired wi... Read More »