How can you tell if your iPhone is legally unlocked from sealed box?

Answer The only site where you can get wholesale authentic Apple iPhones is

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Can the iPhone 4 be unlocked legally?

It is now legal to unlock or jailbreak a iPod, iPhone or iPad in USA. By buying a Pay As You Go iPhone 4 it is unlocked to any network already (UK Only)

What is a jailbroken iPhone vs. legally unlocked?

Jailbreaking and unlocking are terms that are often thrown around when it comes to iPhones. You might find yourself wondering exactly what the difference is, and if you should do either of them to ... Read More »

What is the price of a legally unlocked iphone 4 in the UK?

tell me how do i know my iphone4 charge complete with usb cable ?

Can you transfer your music and apps from one unlocked and jail broken iPhone to your new one If so how do you?