How can you tell if your friend is pregnant?

Answer Answer simple pay close attion to there physical charicteristics pay attention to possibility of frequent headaches vomiting and if you please ask one of her close friends she would no doubt tell t... Read More »

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How do you tell your ex boy friend that you are pregnant with his child after you told you cant get pregnant anymore?

stop lying. First off, let me say we can assume you lied about the fact that you can't get pregnant. Doctors do not throw that statement around, and nobody told you that. The only time "you can't... Read More »

Could my friend be pregnant?

He? Have him pee on a stick and then call the Guinness Book of World Records if the test is positive.

If you are 13 and your friend is 13 and you want to have sex can she get pregnant?

Answer If a girl has had her first period, then yes, she can get pregnant. Remember, sex at 13 is illegal in most countries of the world.

How to Help a Pregnant Teen Friend?

Your friend is pregnant and she's scared? You want to help her going through this thing? Read on!