How can you tell if your ears are infected?

Answer The swelling is normalThe yellow ring around it is normal too, it is the way the body heals.The warmth in the area is normal too.if you see any pus coming out, then it is infected.That is the best ... Read More »

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How to Remove Wet Wax from Infected Ears?

This is for people who often experience serious ear infections or problems, and are desperate to get muck (not objects) out of their ear more regularly than by having it syringed by a doctor, so as... Read More »

How do I unclog infected ears?

Ear infections are painful, and they can cause headaches, fevers and even potential hearing loss. An infected ear may have a buildup of wax that needs to be removed in order to treat or resolve the... Read More »

How to Treat Infected Pierced Ears?

People get their ears pierced for many reasons but keep them free of infection is something that everyone need to do. By cleaning your ears often you will be able to keep them free of infection but... Read More »

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