How can you tell if you have root access to a database?

Answer first pick a UIthen determine if it's through a server or website

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How to Convert Access 2003 Database to Access 2007?

Converting a Microsoft Office Access 2003 database to the new Access 2007 format is done by opening the database in Access 2007. Once the database is opened, it can be converted to the new Access f... Read More »

How to Open an MS Access 2007 Database in MS Access 2003?

If you've created a database of information in Microsoft Access 2007 (part of the Microsoft Office suite), you will not be able to immediately open that file on a computer running Microsoft Access ... Read More »

How do I open an MS Access 2007 database in MS Access 2003?

Convert the Database Into the Access 2003 FormatOpen the database file that you want to convert with Access 2007. Click "Start," select "All Programs," choose "Microsoft Office" and click "Microsof... Read More »

What is a Microsoft Access database?

Microsoft Access is a relational database software program. Relational databases store related information in tables, which allows the user to build relationships between fields in the tables for u... Read More »