How can you tell if you have a tight or loose vagina?

Answer The "tightness" of your vagina is really dependent on how tone your kegel muscles are. Picture your vagina as being a rubber band (bare with me) the more of a work out you give it by stretching it;... Read More »

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What causes a vagina to be tight or loose?

It's almost entirely genetic and hormonal; when you're aroused, your vagina tends to loosen somewhat. Childbirth only temporarily loosens the vaginal walls; ,many women find that upon beginning to ... Read More »

How many children does a women have before their vagina is too loose to have good sex?

I have had three kids nad never had any complaints about being 'loose' as you put it! Every woman is different in the same way as every mans penis is a different size! How would you feel if she was... Read More »

When a baby is born will the mother have a very loose vagina?

Can they? In theory, yes, as all of them should have learned basic obstetrics during their medical or osteopathic school training. Are they allowed to? It depends upon what their hospital privile... Read More »

Natural child birth stretched out my vagina, how do I get it tight again?

Have a go with the toning balls- is a much cheaper option then surgery and I hear that they work. C-sections leave your stomach muscles pretty destroyed and it takes longer to heal after birth then... Read More »