How can you tell if you are in labor?

Answer Some woman if they are near their due date may have backaches and pains which can be an early sign of labor. ANSWER You will experience intermitent cramping similar to period cramps they will come ... Read More »

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How can you tell labor is close?

I'm sure you hate hearing people say this, but there is no way to determine how far off labour is by these statistics. As you may well know, dilation refers to the cervical opening, effacement to t... Read More »

How to tell if real labor starts?

The best way for a lay (non-medical) person to tell if labor starts, is to determine if one or more of the following are occurring: Your water has broken You have a bloody mucousy discharge from y... Read More »

What can you tell the doctor so that he can induce your labor?

Hi in switzerland minimum wage for labor plz tell me in Switzerland currency thanks?

There is no such thing as a universal minimum wage in Switzerland.Instead, a minority of industries have Collective Labour Agreements in place which sometimes apply to all employers and employees a... Read More »