How can you tell if you are dilated at 37 weeks pregnant?

Answer A trained person must examine your cervix (at the vault of your vagina) to measure this. Of course, dilation and labor go together in the pregnancy. A pregnant woman whose cervix is dilating is i... Read More »

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If you're 38 weeks pregnant with first child 3cm dilated 100 effaced and at plus 1 station what are the chances of not going into labor for weeks?

Well, your chances are kinda slim. More than likely youre going to go into labor within the next week and a half, maybe 2. Youre around delivery time, and it sounds like that baby's ready to come o... Read More »

You are 38 weeks pregnant and been on medication since 16 weeks to prevent premature labour. the medication has now stopped and you are two centimetres dilated what will happen now?

AnswerShe will probably deliver soon. Good luck to her and God Bless:)AnswerOnce a pregnancy reaches 37 weeks it is considered at term and things are allowed to progress normally. All other thing... Read More »

You are 40 weeks pregnant and 2cm dilated what does it mean?

2 cm is a little less than 2 finger widths. That is how open your cervix is. It means some progress. I am the same and was hoping for change this week with no such luck. Any day now!!!

What does it mean if you are 35 weeks pregnant and 3 cm dilated?

Nothing really. You are just 3 cm closer to getting to 10. listen for them to tell you your membranes are bulging...which means your water is about to break...mine broke at 5 cm...but I suppose eve... Read More »