How can you tell if there is a keystroke spy program infecting your computer?

Answer Keylogger is considered as a virus and should be detected in most anti virus application

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How to Tell If Someone Has a Keystroke Logger on Your Computer?

Keystroke loggers can keep a record of every key you press on your computer keyboard. For this reason, a keystroke logger can compromise any sensitive information that you type on your computer. So... Read More »

Is there a free program that can tell my computer which driver is needed and install it?

The red x through the internet icon means that there is no internet connection. Most likely you have two (or more) internet connections. If you are connected through WiFi, that red x means that you... Read More »

Is there a computer program where you can keep your passwords and pins and they're kept secure?

i create a folder in my email and send it to myself for example a pin number for lloyds bank i would name for securityas john lloyd and put a false phone number with the last 4 digitsthat are your ... Read More »

Is there any scanning program that you don't have to purchase in order to fix problems on your computer?

Hi WendyDownload AVAST....That is the only software you will need. It will scan and detect trojans and spywares etc....We programmers use this software because it doesn't slow down the computer an... Read More »