How can you tell if there is a keystroke spy program infecting your computer?

Answer Keylogger is considered as a virus and should be detected in most anti virus application

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How do I get rid of adware off my computer Its infecting everything and it keeps coming back. Yuck!?

download Ewido anti sypware and run the update. now turn off "system restore" from the control panel. disable network connection. restart in safe mode. run ewido and recommend deletion of files if... Read More »

What is the point of creating a computer virus and infecting other computers?

There are many reasons... but here are some: To mess up there computers and being mean. I guess its fun for them. Or it can be used for a entirely different reason such as using it for spyware... j... Read More »

I got viruses and spyware on my computer, can i connect my printer to my labtop without some how infecting it?

Your printer itself cannot be infected by a virus. Your computer can, and that might just be the same thing, as on your computer are the drivers that 'steer' the printer. So, when your computer tru... Read More »

How to Tell If Someone Has a Keystroke Logger on Your Computer?

Keystroke loggers can keep a record of every key you press on your computer keyboard. For this reason, a keystroke logger can compromise any sensitive information that you type on your computer. So... Read More »