How can you tell if the baby is a boy or a girl?

Answer idk but i know this they probably can tell from the private spot

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How can you tell if a baby is a boy or girl?

one has a penisand the other has a vagina all you have to do is look in their nappyif you are a stranger to the baby you say aw what's their name and they say ( ex. BOB) and you can say aw how cute.

How do you tell a boy or girl baby grasshopper?

What do you do if you're a 15-year-old girl who wants a baby but doesn't know how to ask or tell her boyfriend that she wants a baby because she's afraid of what he will say?

Big mistake I would first ask this girl why she wants a baby now? At age 15? Would you like to graduate from High School? What about a career? Are you ready to give up your friends and parties and ... Read More »

If 15 yr old girl 16 yr old boy are having baby and want to adopt out can parents of kids make them keep the baby or can the kids legally put baby up for adoption?

No, only the parents decide this and the adoption papers is the only legally binding contract a minor can sign. When it comes to your child you have the same rights as an adult. No one can force yo... Read More »