How to Tell Your Love That You Truly Appreciate For What They Are?

Answer Always remember that they are yours and you are theirs.

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How to Tell Someone You're in Love With Them?

Trying to give someone hints that your in love with them is hard. But telling them is even harder. Here are a few essential tips in doing so.

If after you tell your boyfriend you are pregnant he says his feelings for you have changed and he wants to move back to his parents does he truly not love you or is he just scared?

Answer dear friend,You have the answer to your question. FIrst do a self analysis1) How long have you known this boy friend?2) How old are you and how old is he ?3) IS it a strong relationship or a... Read More »

How to Make Friends With Someone You Truly Dislike?

If you really can't stand someone, it's best that don't tell them! Just put that aside (for now) and go on.

How to Tell Someone You Love Him or Her?

It is a hard thing to do, essentially if its your best friend. So take a deep breath, as he or she will have to know eventually. so tell him or her if you are good friends. He or she will understand.