How can you tell if someone is invisible on AIM?

Answer Type their name in an IM box and try to IM them. It shouldn't block your IM if they're invisible, only if they're not signed in. Also if you want to be stealthy, go into that same IM box and clic... Read More »

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How to See if Someone Is Invisible on Gmail Chat?

Have you ever been talking to someone on Gmail chat when they suddenly say "bye" to you and then Google says that the person is offline? If you're curious to know whether they're still about but "i... Read More »

How can I tell when I've run out of invisible ink?

stick the pen in your eye if it hurts and burns you have ink....if it just hurts go buy some more ink.....oh and stop by the doctors office on the way to the store

How to Know if Someone Is Invisible to You on Yahoo! Messenger?

Do you think your friends or family is avoiding you from chatting on Yahoo! Messenger? Do you want to know if they are avoiding you? Read this article to know if someone is invisible to you on Yaho... Read More »

“How can you tell when invisible ink has run out’?

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