How can you tell if a wound/cut is infected?

Answer You definitely need to get the cut checked out. It is definitely infected. The redness, pus like drainage and soreness are all signs of an infection. In the mean time, until you can get to a doc... Read More »

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How can you tell if a wound is infected?

you will feel pain , and you might see white puss and you should see a doctor if it worries you will heal in the end , you just need keep it clean and put med cream on it regularly.hope you... Read More »

How to Tell if a Tattoo Is Infected?

Tattoos have always been considered a way of life for many people who are fond of the beauty of body art. Although they can be exciting to get and show off, there are always risks that come with no... Read More »

How to Tell if a Piercing Is Infected?

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How to tell if it's infected?

Really, other than disinfecting the wound and cleaning it often(disinfecting it with neosporin does work)you can't really prevent an infection. If it were infected you would know. The way to tell i... Read More »