How to Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss?

Answer Well.. A girl doesn't always go for the kiss. She usually expects the guy to start. You can tell if she wants to kiss by the way her eyes look. If she is looking straight in your face then you shou... Read More »

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What do you do if you're a 15-year-old girl who wants a baby but doesn't know how to ask or tell her boyfriend that she wants a baby because she's afraid of what he will say?

Big mistake I would first ask this girl why she wants a baby now? At age 15? Would you like to graduate from High School? What about a career? Are you ready to give up your friends and parties and ... Read More »

How to Tell if a Girl Still Wants to Be With You That Dumped You?

So, a girl dumped you, but now you're getting mixed signals from her?

How to Tell if a Girl Wants to Be More Than a Friend in Elementary/Primary School?

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Can a sixteen year old girl choose which parent she wants to live with because one lets her do what she wants?

Answer No. First, as a juvenile until the legal age of 18, a child cannot choose which parent to live with. They can petition the court to be heard and they can have a parent work on their behal... Read More »