How to Make a Girl Attracted to You?

Answer Have you ever found yourself standing next to a girl who you really like, but can't seem to get her to notice you? Well here's how to show her you're interested and hopefully make her interested in... Read More »

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I'm attracted to a girl I saw in a picture on Facebook?

i reckon you should just add her as a friend .... she probably gets loads of people adding her all the time so she she won't even notice... and when you add her as a friend whats the worst that cou... Read More »

How to Tell Your Mom You're Attracted to Animals?

If you are reading this article, then you are more than likely one of the select few individuals who feels sexual attraction for non-human animals. Don't be ashamed! This article is here to help yo... Read More »

(Guys) Will you not be attracted to a girl b/c she has short hair?

Not all guys like long hair. Short hair (or even bald heads) suit some women just fine.Go with what YOU like. If a guy doesn't like you for your hair, he's too petty anyway.

How to Tell If You Are Annoying a Girl?

If you are interested in a girl, you are going to want to spend time with her, but you should also know if you are annoying her. If you are annoying a her, your chances of ever getting to know her ... Read More »