How can you tell how many GB your Ipod touch is?

Answer Most should say on the bottom of the back side of the iPod. If you can't find it there, try your manufacturer's box or manual, or try plugging it into your computer and looking up the settings thro... Read More »

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How can you tell if your iPod Touch is MC model or not?

To tell if your ipod touch 2G is a MC model, go to settings - General - About and scroll down till you see 'Model'. if the code begins with the letters 'MC' then you have a MC model.

Does it really matter how many amps your iPod touch gets?

It will take a maximum of 1amp anything higher won't hurt it. The device controls the rate of amps used. Rule of thumb is to aim for an exact or about 5% more. Keep in mind the battery inside is ra... Read More »

What if you jailbreak your iPod but cant find limerian on your iPod Touch?

Then you probably didn't follow all of the directions. Reset you iPod, follow the limera1n jailbreak directions once again, and then the limera1n app should show up on your home screen

Can you calibrate the Ipod Touch screen. If you can please tell me how.?

It is not possible to calibrate your iPod Touch. If the screen is dislodged or hard to respond, send it back.