How can you tell homeopathic remedies apart from each other?

Answer Because it is virtually impossible - you do the same thing you do in telling two allopathic practitioners apart from each other. To decide which one is useful or useless and tell the difference bet... Read More »

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No one answered before Can someone tell me what these 10 particular homeopathic remedies are good for?

Kevin has described in brief what those remedies are used for you can look them up in the materia medica to know exactly and in detail what the remedies are prescribed for these are polycrests mean... Read More »

Why aren't homeopathic remedies prepared from pathogens?

I imagine it's because they aren't licensed to receive dangerous biological materials, such as pathogens. They also wouldn't have the scientific knowledge needed to acquire them on their own. It ... Read More »

Parents and Teens. What are somethings you want to tell each other?

Mom: I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I've been meaning to tell you for 3 weeks now, but it seems like everytime I'm about to.. You're always mad about something else and screaming. I'm keeping the baby. Leo... Read More »

Vegan Homeopathic Remedies?

For comprehensive information about Homeopathic Medicine please check these sites, as it is too detailed and lenghty to explain here :-…http://www.hpathy.... Read More »