How can you tell a fake iphone4 from a real one?

Answer The price for an iPhone does not change paced on age. The price for the iPhone itself is between $199-$299 (16GB and 32GB). Then you have to choose between the at&t plan or the Verizon plan. There ... Read More »

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How to Tell a Fake InStyler From a Real One?

The Instyler is a hair straightening tool that was invented by two professional hair stylists who have been in the industry for over 40 years. This popular styling tool uses a rotating heated cylin... Read More »

How to tell a REAL Louis Vuitton bag from a FAKE?

Ask where she bought it. Buying it in Asia can be pretty dodgy apart from if you're in Japan where fakes of anything are difficult to find. If she bought it online, or at an outrageously cheap pric... Read More »

How do you tell a real alligator purse from a fake one?

How can you tell if a womans orgasm is real or fake Answers from GUYS ONLY?

I recall when I was a teenager that you could tell one of two ways: if her nipples became hard or if her tummy became flushed.... but between two people who love each other, that SHlT don't matter.... Read More »