How can you tell, If Theres a Worm In Your Pear?

Answer If, You Find, Half a Worm.

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How can you tell a girl worm from a boy worm?

A. Earthworms are hermaphroditic meaning each worm has organs of both sexes. The male gonopores are usually within the first 12-15 segments, and the female gonopores are further back, close to the ... Read More »

Im 17 years old and im currently dating this guy for 6 months and you're goin' strong but you have a feeling that theres a possiblity that you could be pregnant and if you are how would you tell your?

AnswerWell to start you're 17 and in the world we live in you need to be careful. Be safe, Period. . no excuses nothing. Youre whole life is ahead of you, and a baby certainly doesn't allow you to ... Read More »

How do I tell if an Asian pear is ripe?

On the TreeLeave Asian pears to ripen on the tree. Asian pears are ripe when they are easily removable from the branch with a slight twisting action.TouchFeel the pear. Asian pears should be firm t... Read More »

I wanted know if theres a way to get on myspace from school becasue theres a block on and htmate2.?

This bundle runs straight out of the box - If you want to bypass web filters or proxy servers blocking any site, you can use Opera with Tor to safely and anonymously view or download whatever you w... Read More »