How can you take a picture without a web cam camera or phone?

Answer i have no idea...hope this helps!!rofl!=D

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How to Take A Good Picture On Your Camera Phone?

The modern camera phone has been called "a credible candidate for the title of Most Convenient Tool for image capture."[1]Whether it be a random, spur-of-the-moment snapshot or well-thought-out com... Read More »

Can you take picture of a lunar eclipse with a camera phone?

You can. I wouldn't expect it to come out very well, though.

When taking a picture, which do you most often use, a mobile phone or a digital camera and why?

Digital camera. 1. Because I think pictures are better and it easier to transfer them to computer. 2. I can take more pictures with a camera than with a phone due to a memory card storage abilities.

How to Improve My Picture Taking With a Cell Phone Camera?

Cellphones make it easy to take quick photos on the go, but as with any camera, proper technique can result in vastly improved picture quality. Even though cellphone cameras lack features you find ... Read More »