How can you stop your younger brothers from hitting each other?

Answer Set them apart and talk them through right's and wrong's. Well, it depends how old they are. Explain to them why hitting is wrong. Trust me grew up with ALOT of siblings.

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How can you make brothers stop hitting?

Spank them both until they stop or cut allowances or ban them from Playstaton or computer games for a week (that's a bit harsh so save it till they do something really bad)

Which siblings are usually nicer younger sisters younger brothers older brothers or older sisters?

There is no way to answer this as there is no generalizing siblings and the way they treat one another. Each individual and their situations are different. Older siblings will respect and be kind ... Read More »

What are my legal rights as a parent to control my 16 year old from hitting her younger siblings?

As a parent, anything. As long as it dosent become unethical, such as harming her physically.

Why are younger brothers so nosy?