How can you stop your eyelid from twitching?

Answer botox injections.

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Why is my eyelid constantly twitching What can I do to make it stop?

Perhaps you need extra magnesium (as in nuts) as in…

My eyelid is twitching! Please help!?

I get a twitchy eye when im sleepy or dont sleep fpr long!!! should go away by its self!!

Why is my eyelid twitching uncontrollably?

I used to get those random muscle twitches and remember asking the same question. Often, the twitches were my eyelids. I know that it is very irritating. I always wondered if people noticed. ... Read More »

My right eye won't stop twitching ! : (?

according to a site i googled there are 8 reasons why your eyelids are twitchingStressTirednessEyestrainCaffeineAlcoholDry eyesNutritional imbalancesAllergiesAlso if you have different eye contacts... Read More »