How can you stop pregnancy without anything?

Answer I would say to not even try if you feel unsure of that!

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What are the medicines to stop pregnancy without any discomfort?

when your body expells a pregnancy it is going to hurt, even i you have an abortion or dc, i had a miscarriage and was loaded on vikodin and still was in pain, you can't really avoid the pain

How to get to sleep right away without having to take anything or go anywhere or do anything?

i dont think youll be able to get to sleep right away, but id say, try to daydream and reimagine your day and how you would have done it defferently and eventually youll just fall asleep

Without taking a pregnancy test what is the earliest you can be sure about being pregnancy?

Answer Missing menstruation (missing your period) would generally be the earlist sign of pregnancy......I could tell i was pregnant about 1 week after my missed period...not because of a blood test... Read More »

What are some symptoms of pregnancy and how can you tell if you are pregnant without taking any pregnancy test?

symptoms of pregnancy missed menstrual period nausea, with or without vomiting food aversions or food cravings fatigue frequent urination breast changes and breast tenderness new sensitivity or fe... Read More »