How can you stop getting carsick ....?

Answer See previous question & some already excellent answers ahead of me.Sit in front if at all possible. Look out the window toward the horizon. Take motion sickness pills before you leave (according ... Read More »

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How to Keep from Getting Carsick?

Curving roads, touchy breaks, and distracted drivers -- all of these things can make for one nasty road trip. Whether you're simply taking the bus to town or driving on a cross-country trip, keep t... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Dog from Becoming Carsick?

Even if you don't plan to travel extensively with your dog, you and she will both benefit from her not being carsick. In the event that she must find a new home, she will be more adoptable if she e... Read More »

When you come to a stop sign, is a rolling stop considered stopping at the stop sing?

How can i Quit my Smoking habitTried many times but could stop onlyfor 3 mnths max. Cant we stop it4ever?

First of all tell people who say things like "just quit" to go to Hel*. They have no idea what they're talking about.Now, step one. Write down the times that are hardest for you. Like after eating.... Read More »